Advances in in silico trials of medical products: evidence, methods and tools

In silico trials (ISTs) for medical drugs and devices have gained increased popularity as cost-effective alternatives to their clinical counterparts. ISTs promise dramatic reductions in the resources needed for assessing novel technologies and for generating evidence in support of regulatory evaluation for safety and effectiveness. Some have suggested significant cost reductions comparing an all in silico approach versus an equivalent clinical trial with humans. Others have argued for, and reported on, incremental implementation of the in silico methodologies that complement or refine the design of clinical trials based on predictions from the in silico trial outcomes.


Prof Alejandro Frangi - University of Leeds, UK | KU Leuven, Belgium



Dr Marc Horner - ANSYS, USA

Dr Abhinav Jha - Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Prof Rebecca Shipley – University College London, UK

Dr Ed Margerrison - OSEL/CDRH/FDA, USA

Dr Puja Myles – CPRD/MHRA, UK

Dr Ehsan Abadi – Duke University, USA

Prof Ilse Jonkers - KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof Blanca Rodriguez - University of Oxford, UK

This webinar was launched in collaboration with a special issue in Progress in Biomedical Engineering, a new high-impact Reviews journal from IOP Publishing.

The special issue is still welcoming article proposals from the community, and participants are encouraged to discuss contributions with the guest editors.

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